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Fees standard


Our college will offer clean and neat accommodation or boarding for international students for the first time arrival. And for the first academic year, GCU will arrange free accommodation to the degree program students which is in C20 building, 4 students in one apartment, in campus of GCU. Language students and short-term exchange students will not benefit the free accommodation. The internet and other utilities will be paid by students themselves. From the second year, the accommodation fee (the internet and other utilities are not included) for 4 students in one apartment will be changed to 3,500RMB per year per student, and for 2 students in one apartment will be changed to 4,500RMB per year per student.

Monthly expenses

In average students spend about 1500RMB per month on living expenses. The price is about 10RMB per meal in the school canteen. Transportation is usually 2 to 5RMB per bus ride, but should not be used too often, since (almost) everything is available on campus.


The insurance Premium for the foreign students in China (Accident Insurance, at least RMB100.000; medical and hospitalization insurance, at least RMB200.000; Death Benefit, at least RMB300.000):RMB800 for one person/ per year.

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